Bespoke Client Courses

when you need something different

Our courses are designed to provide an advanced understanding of perception within the fields of sales, unconscious bias, negotiation and customer service. If your business has requirements outside of this list or you would like us to create something especially for you using our four step training development process, please contact use the button below to send us an email:

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It all starts with your team’s individual Perception Profiles but from there the possibilities are endless…we can meet any challenge in any workplace because our starting point is PERCEPTION! We will work directly with you to identify your specific learning and development needs, usually with the first step which is to undertake a Training Needs Analysis.


We will create an unforgettable and unique training experience for your people using your branding, stories, scenarios and areas of expertise. Your team will learn how to use their individual Perception Filters to understand and promote your Best Common Truth.



We will deliver your bespoke training at your workplace or a venue of your choice. The training will usually be instructor led and fully interactive (web modules can be developed) with all resources included from workbooks to follow-on support. Your team leaders will be able to attend our Better Perceptions…Better Leadership Course to help them embed their team’s new skills and Perception Profiling within your organisation .


At Perceptus, the value of deep reflection and effective debriefing is built into our training courses and culture. We continuously evaluate both our training outcomes and the quality of our materials. We want your team to get the most from their experience and will provide post-course surveys and reports to you so you can evaluate the effectiveness of the training and decide on next steps.